Committee Against Sexual Harassment - Committee Against Sexual Harassment

Committee Against Sexual Harassment


Chairperson :   To be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor
- Professor Lee Tze-fan, Diana
 Members :   Secretary of the University or his representative
- Mr. Eric S.P. Ng
      One representative from CUHK Teacher's Association (CUTA)
- Dr. Iun Sio-kun, Joyce
      One representative from CUHK Staff Association (CUSA)
- Ms. Chan Miu-fong, Rosaline
      University Dean of Students or the Dean's representative
- Professor Edwin H.Y. Chan
      President of The Student Union of CUHK or the President's representative
- Mr. Wong Cheuk-wai

Convenor of the Panel Against Sexual Harassment
- Professor Fung Hoi-lam, Helene


Convenor of the Task Force on Education and Training
- Professor Lee Tan


Faculty members or staff members of different genders who have sensitivity to sexual harassment matters
- Professor Amy S.C. Ha, Department of Sports Science and
  Physical Education
- Professor Ngai Sek-yum, Steven, Department of Social Work
- Professor Maria Tam, Department of Anthropology
- Professor Zhao Yuhong, Faculty of Law
- Ms. Betty To, Personnel Office

Secretary :   Ms. Yvonne Luk, Secretariat
Terms of Reference  
  a) To review statistics on sexual harassment and the complaint procedures without reference to any individual case;
  b) To oversee education matters relating to sexual harassment within the campus; and
  c) To review the Policy Against Sexual Harassment, if necessary.