Committee Against Sexual Harassment - Preamble


1) The University is committed to equal opportunity in academic pursuits and employment. Any form of discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated. The University shall take any and all necessary steps to eliminate and prevent its occurrence involving members of the University community.

Sex discrimination and sexual harassment are prohibited by law. Sexual harassment if and when it occurs may adversely affect the work of the University staff members and the learning environment of its students.
The University is committed to eliminating and preventing sexual harassment and will not condone any act of sexual harassment committed by its staff members or students. The policy and procedure below set out the mechanism for dealing with allegations or complaints of sexual harassment and for providing proper redress if and when harassment occurs. By clearly stating the University's stance on sexual harassment and putting an appropriate procedure in place, the University aims to cultivate a sense of justice, fairness and openness in the University community in relation to gender equality and the furtherance of mutual respect.